'Same ocean, different beach' -Disability and Inclusion awareness Workshop


  • Break down barriers and perception around disability
  • Challenge and change perception of what ‘disability’ is
  • Integrate ‘able’ and ‘disabled’ co-workers in the workplace
  • Build communication, empathy, understanding similarities between abled and disabled bodied people
  • Create an inclusive productive workplace/classroom with unlimited beliefs


To provide a face to face, interactive, real life story-telling Saltwater Workshop covering diversity, inclusion, equality and disability awareness. The Workshop breaks down perceptions and creates understanding of disability within the workforce professionally and personally, resulting in positive changes in behaviour, communication and integration of people with a disability, increasing performance and productivity and inclusion.

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand how pre conceptions, assumptions and barriers facing someone with a ‘disability’ can be broken down by individuals
  • Understanding similarities and differences
  • Judge situations and individuals with empathy
  • How to communicate with people with a disability to reduce building barriers and exclusion


  • Build confidence and communication skills around people with a disability
  • Build resilience to overcome barriers through recognition of own strengths
  • Think and operate in a team without limited beliefs
  • Apply respect and support to colleagues in the workplace
  • Enhance contributions made as individuals and as team members to create unstoppable movements
  • Adapt to, and accept change with a positive attitude
  • Increase productivity and performance


  • Empathise with disability
  • Demonstrate inclusion and equality to colleagues
  • Respond to others people’s values and needs with an open mind

Who is the workshop for?

Individuals, employees, students, graduates, apprentices, educational establishments, public sector, private sector, all skill sets and all ages

The Saltwater Workshop is delivered on your site or off site if you would like to make a day of it!

The Saltwater Workshop is approximately 1-2 hours and we can also tailor workshops to fit your needs.

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