Cured by Saltwater

'I just wanted to feedback on my daughter who I believe had a video call with you at Nyewood Infants. She was buzzing from it and clearly took lots in from the chat.  We even ended up swimming in the sea yesterday! I just wanted to share the positive news!' Parent of workshop participant

'Thank you so much for your thought provoking workshop. The children and I loved listening to you and seeing how saltwater can help overcome the toughest of challenges! They enjoyed designing their positive pebbles and have already said that they’d like to make more as a stall for the summer fete or for children who go to our learning and pastoral support group to help them think positively.' Vicky, Teacher

'I think that our students are quite sheltered and I think this experience has really opened their eyes.' Amy, Teacher

The session was perfectly pitched to meet our needs and I would happily book again. Many Thanks.' Joe, Teacher

'They say you can’t make a silk purse out of sow’s ear, but I think Jules actually can, literally, situationally and emotionally. If I feel I’ve got a “can’t” going on in my life, after chatting with Jules, it’s pretty much always been turned into a “can”. She truly is inspirational'. Johanna, Nutritionist

'The way that Jules covered the topic of death was light, positive and tactful.  It made it easy to address the issues surrounding death without making anyone feel sad'. Ms West, EBS School, Bognor Regis

'I'm going to paint the sea and add all my favourite things to it after, like goal posts and footballs so we can play football on my beach'

'Can I add water to the canvas, then add the paint? I think this will help blend all the colours into a nice sky'

'I'm going to hang mine in my new bedroom, as it's got nothing on the walls and this will make it less disturbing'

'Are you coming back next week to do more?'☺️


'Mum, this lovely lady came in who taught us the importance of being brave and making sure we get up when we are knocked down. Feedback from a parent of a year 3 pupil