'Changing Tides’ – Personal development empowerment workshop-  for injured Sportsmen and Women


  • Share first-hand experience of life after injury
  • To proactively address and discuss personal and professional challenges faced after injury
  • To unleash and instil in individuals the power to make positive change when injury occurs
  • Offer a range of practical strategies that can be used to overcome adversity in life after injury
  • Discuss transferable skills
  • Unlimiting beliefs
  • Create ‘Can do’ attitudes


A face to face, interactive, real life story-telling Saltwater Workshop providing personal development for injured sportsmen, adapting to change, self-actualization and retaining confidence ensuring each individual adapts in a positive and successful way to injury.

Learning Outcomes


  • Understand the challenges that may be faced during and after injury
  • Identify the power and benefits of empowerment
  • Instil a sense of pride in themselves through the identification of personal positive attributes
  • Identify opportunities where empowerment aids positive change
  • Apply their own skills and talents to create positive change- Identify transferable skills
  • Creating opportunities to make connections


  • Adapt to, and accept change, with a positive attitude
  • Build confidence and create self -actualization
  • Build resilience to overcome barriers through recognition of own strengths
  • Make effective and positive choices, responding to situations with flexibility
  • Perform tasks with ‘can do’ attitudes
  • Take control of their lives and achieve goals after injury
  • Think and operate without limited beliefs
  • Empower themselves to achieve success and satisfaction in their lives


  • Value their importance to their sport even after injury
  • Challenge their own abilities
  • Motivate themselves and others  

Who are the workshops for?

Sportsmen who have experienced or are experiencing personal injury and career change as a result of it.  Sports clubs and team players who wish to learn about the effects of injury on their team members.

The Saltwater Workshop is delivered on your site or off site if you would like to make a day of it!

The Saltwater Workshop is approximately 1-2 hours and we can also tailor bespoke workshops to fit your needs.

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