Founders Rich and Jules connect through their passion for the ocean, first-hand experience of the devastation caused by personal loss and the desire to empower others to make positive change.  With support of  Saltwater Influencers, theyprovide a range of Saltwater Workshops and post workshop activities; The cureConnecting, Unleashing, Realising and Empowering.

Juliet Stallard - Founder and Director

Jules, moved to the South of England when she was 21 to study at Chichester University - attracted mainly by the beach. When meeting her partner who was a keen surfer, the dream became reality; the beach life she had always wished for. Three years later, the dream ended abruptly when Jules awoke to found her partner had passed away in the night of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome - aged just 24. 

Jules was due to start a new job the next week in the charity sector and 16 years later continues her charitable endeavours as a Professional Fundraiser, working through her own business. With two children, a keen surfer, musician, artist and an abundance of energy, Jules works alongside the Saltwater presenters to deliver a shared mission- Saltwater; and empowering others to make positive changes in the face of adversity. 

Richard Hunt - JointFounder

Rich Hunt joined the Royal Navy at 17 years old. The one career he had always wanted.  A successful Navy Rugby player, Rich developed a ‘niggle in the knee’ which led to the devastating news of discharge from the Navy and when things couldn't get any worse….. the amputation of his left leg from above the knee.

Taking adversity head on, Rich has embraced life to the full with a 'can do attitude', despite the challenges life has thrown at him.  Rich taught in China, solo skydives, attempted to kayak around the UK single handily and bungee jumps amongst many other crazy feats of bravery.

Rich now continues to undertake challenges for charity across the UK. 

Amanda - Saltwater Presenter

Amanda joins the Saltwaterprenuers as a presenter with her own remarkable life changing story.  A traumatic cycle accident in August 2015 has led Amanda to share her new found knowledge and understanding of 'ability' through the Saltwater Workshops. Her pure determination, hard work and remarkable positive attitude, whilst facing a time of adversity, is something that has a strong and infectious influence on everyone she meets!

Johanna - Massage Therapist

A life-long outdoor sports enthusiast,  Johanna joins the Saltwaterpreneurs as a freelance Massage Therapist. With a love for the sea, you can often find Johanna swimming or surfing the ocean.  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, a Master of Science degree in Sports Nutrition and distinction in ITEC Sports Massage diploma her extensive knowledge and expertise brings a wealth of opportunity to people of all ages and ability to support them to become the best they physically can.