'Vitamin Sea'- The healing powers of the sea 


Saltwater Creations provide a face to face, interactive, real life story-telling workshop, about how the sea can help with mental and physical well-being.

In a surf themed workshop, a picture board of real life activities and fun interactive tasks brings the workshop alive and leaves the students wanting to leave the classroom and head straight to the beach!

The workshop includes a mini surf lesson and the practice of mindfulness through pebble painting.  Each student keeps the pebble to leave somewhere as an act of kindness and pass on positivity to others.


  • Enlighten young people about the seaside and encourage visits and under new activities at the beach 
  • Provide empowerment tools for young people to be the best they can and for them to encourage others to do the same through acts of kindness
  • Create unlimited beliefs
  • Develop 'can do' attitudes and growth mindsets
  • Build resilience, confidence and perseverance in children and young people

Learning Outcomes


  • The curative nature of the sea
  • Personal well-being
  • Sea safety
  • Surfing 
  • Coping with loss


  • Respect and appreciation of the sea
  • Trying new experiences without having fear and apprehension
  • Adapt to, and accept change with a positive attitude
  • How to surf
  • Think and operate without limited beliefs


  • Gratitude and respect for nature around us
  • Respond to others people's values and needs with an open mind
  • Helping others, kindness, respect

Please note: This workshop is based on a real life story of the unexpected death of a young person, and although presented with great sensitivity we are aware that some schools may wish to communicate this with the parents of the recipient’s pre- workshop participation.

'The way that Jules covered the topic of death was light, positive and tactful.  It made it easy to address the issues surrounding death without making anyone feel sad'. Ms West, EBS School, Bognor Regis

Who are the workshops for?

Students from age 5 yrs upwards with special relevance to Year 3 National Curriculum activities linked to the theme of the 'Seaside'.

The Saltwater Workshop is delivered at your establishment and is approximately 45 mins-1 hour long with 3 sessions maximum per day.

Is there a cost?

Saltwater Creations CIC works to identify funding partners to deliver the workshops to schools. Sometimes we can offer them at reduced cost or even free where funding has been secured. This workshop is available at any time, for starting from £180 per day (depending on location).  Please contact us if you would like a workshop if funding is available.  

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